Why we chose #NodeJS

[Versão Em Português]

First of all is important to understand that I was never a javascript fan to begin with. Always considered it to be a wonky incomprehensible language that is always trying to stab you in the back as soon as you begin to trust it.

Nor was I ever a fan of front-end programming, so any language that remotely reminds me of assembling a screen is like water and oil, so you can see that for this to work, the language REALLY had to get me excited for it to even being taken into consideration.

However, as soon as I was hired for the company I currently work for, it was given me the difficult task of defining a technology that would not only reduce development and operational costs, but it needed to bring together what was by that time two very separate teams of Java/Oracle SOA and .Net developers that, as it was presented to me, even though it did not take much to realize this assumption was not true, not only did not agree much, but were not extremely inclined on to learning new technologies.

I had never heard of #NodeJS before so I was not even sure on where to start. I had been working with Java before this job for about 18 years so you can imagine that my view deciding on Java or .Net would be highly biased, meaning that could not be an option. Some research was definitely on my horizon.

Many languages were considered and even though I still am keeping Python as my choice for the near future on our ML efforts, not a lot of languages really called my attention, until I decided, as one of the demands was also reducing costs, to search for cloud PAAS solutions and bumped into many cloud service providers offering really low cost hosting on javascript services, and the name #NodeJS first popped. How can it be, I thought to myself, javascript is not a enterprise solution language, one would have to be mad to choose such a thing!

Even still being very skeptical about this, I decided to approach all the developers on both very distinct groups so I could see how many of them had used or still use javascript on a daily basis and as you can imagine it was not hard to discover most of them had previous knowledge and some of them were even making their own #NodeJS experiences on their personal projects.

After a lot of coding to prove to myself that might actually be a good bet. With the help the book listed below as weel as a lot more documents and contributions the open source community constantly publishes, special mention here to Rising Stack, the group of directors decided it was worth trying our first project.

Obviously there were a lot of bumps on the road, a lot of lessons learned throughout, however, once the project was online, the solution’s performance was so impressive, the need of processing power so forgiving that it did not take long for other project managers try and reach our team so they could also use the solution on their own demands.

In coming weeks my plan is to send a lot more posts regarding the problems we had, the solutions we found using the power of the open-source community, the products we decided to use and how they performed in the real world.

Please follow me on Twitter at @vrsbrazil so you can see how the first project evolved and much more.

Thank You.

Vinícius Santos


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