Useful post on WS-Addressing and Oracle BPEL

Dave Lim

Web Service Addressing is the standard method used in Oracle BPEL processes to support asynchronous two-way routing between processes. This is done by injecting routing data into the message SOAP headers so that the process being called has sufficient context to call back to the invoking service (and where necessary the correct instance of the invoking service) on completion.

In some circumstances it may be desirable to redirect the callback from and an asynchronous call to a completely different process or some other compliant service (such as an EJB or ESB). This can be achieved by directly manipulating the WS-Adressing information in the SOAP header of message invoking the asynchronous call:

1. Create an instance of the WS-Addressing Header

If your service is sing WS-Addressing for callback, it will have imported the associated schema, which will allow you to create a variable of the type WSAReplyToHeader, ie.

<variable name="wsaReplyToHeader"…

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