How to add a custom java methods and call it from Eclipse_OEPE:

To do that, you need to have done the following step:  Add a java method into OSB Xquery (click here)

The next step is to open your Eclipse_OEPE and link it to Weblogic Server (in this case a localhost server). Right click  into Servers View:


A window´ll open and you´ll configure a link server according the OSB server that has your java method. Note your Weblogic version:


As you did the first step that was to add a custom java method into your OSB Xquery, the following configuration´ll appear automatically, because you just have a Weblogic home:


Otherwise, fill those fields with your Weblogic home and your Java home; Click Next.

In the next window, you will set your OSB domain. Again, if you did the first step of this post, you just have a OSB domain configured. Select it:


Now, you can click Finish.


You will see a server configured:


Before you start your Weblogic, you need to Clean your workspace. In menu bar, click Project >> Clean. Select check box: Clean all projects:




Start your Weblogic Server:


After Weblogic Server is running, stop it (Yeap, it´s weird!)

Close your Eclipse and open it again (Weird again!)

Open Xquery Trasnformation perspective, look at Expression Functions View and….




That´s all folks, thanks!


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