How to install the Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) on an existing Weblogic Server domain.

Hello again,

This is an easy task but the since the documentation is rather spread-out I thought unifying the info should be useful, so here it is:

  1. Download the OER , the link keeps changing, but right now it is:
  2. Don´t run the jar yet, the installation will require access to a database and this database will have to have 3 tablespaces, the default name for those are OER_DATA, OER_INDEX and OER_LOB, no magic names there, it is just the names on the Oracle QuickStart manual, here if you want to check it out:
  3. Make sure you have a user with access to those tablespaces prior to running the jar, the thing is in case something goes wrong with the database config during installation sometimes the installer crashes and you will have to uninstall the OER if you want to run it again, quite annoying, but easy to do, you just have to go to weblogic uninstall wizard and select the OER;
  4. Now run the jar and follow the steps through the wizard;
  5. After that you still need to extend or create a new domain, I will assume you know how to do it, the hint is Weblogic Server -> Tools -> Configuration Wizard;
  6. Once you created it with the OER installed, the default URL is http://<you-server&gt;:7101/oer;
  7. It will ask you for a password and it is not your weblogic server admin user. It is admin/admin. The OER you ask you to change the password on your first login.

Thank you for reading,


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