Getting rid of the annoying Samsung keyboard on S3 and using Swype

If you, like me, is passing through the Galxy S or S2 transition to S3, you probably already felt the annoying errors the Samsung Keyboard has, specially for non english languages!
But fear not! Swype is still here and is not a lot of work to get it back on your phone! Here´s what you have to do:

1- Go to Swype Homepage, click on Get Swype;
2- Click on the Download Swype Beta (It´s beta, but it´s much better than Samsung´s);
3- You will need to register to their site in order to get it, when they ask for you e-mail address register the one you already have configured on your S3;
4- Go to your phone and on Settings->Security at the Device Administration session enable Unknown Sources, this will enable you to install the Swype! This is not a Google Play certified app.
5- They will send you an e-mail with a link that enables a download, you have to tap it from your phone.
6- Download and install the app;
7- Now make it default by going to Settings -> Language and input, enable Swype Beta if t´s not already by tapping it, now tap on Default and tap Swype Beta!

That´s it!

Thank you for reading!


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