How to change your SOA Suite project name

This is a simple task that can be rather annoying you do not make it right.
All you have to do is:

  1. On Jdev select your project then click on the upper menu File -> Rename…;
  2. On the Rename screen change the .jpr name on the File name field then OK;
  3. Now that only changes the name of the project, but now you have the change the name of your composite, to do that open your composite.xml file;
  4. Click on the Source tab;
  5. On the <composite/> tag change the name attribute to your new project name and save it;
  6. You will have to create a new deployment profile too, to do that right click on your project then select Project Properties…;
  7. Select Deployment;
  8. Delete the deployment profile that has your old project name;
  9. Click on the New button;
  10. On the Archive type select the SOA-SAR File;
  11. Type a name for your new profile an click OK.
That´s it. Now the project folder still has the old name, you will have to change it manually and then reopen the project on your application, make sure you close your application before you do that.
Thank you for reading!

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