Ok, I´ve got JDeveloper, How do I get BPM/SOA Suite plugin?

For experienced developer that sounds like a silly question, but since I have seen a lot of people with that kind of question in mind I decided to blog this, so here we go:

Step One: Where do I get JDeveloper from anyway?

You can get it from oracle web site, the exact link is constantly changing, but as of this date, the direct link is: this one

Step Two: Install the JDeveloper.

Important thing about this is that Oracle tells you that you need only 256MB to run it, but when you run BPM or SOA plugin that memory WILL NOT DO. I recommend at least 1GB of free RAM memory, I mean it. Yeah, it´s heavy, get over it.
So, get the installation going, this might take a while:

Here I am choosing the default installation, all inclusive, after you get familiar with JDev, feel free to personalize it, but since you´re reading this, that might not be the perfect time for that 🙂

Once the installation is done, leave Run Quickstart selected and click on Finish.

Step Three: Adjust the JVM memory.

Remember I said 256 was not enough? Before you run into trouble with that memory adjustment, edit the file <JDEV_INSTALLATION_HOME>/jdeveloper/jdev/bin/jdev.conf and change the attribute -XX:MaxPermSize to 1024, just like you see in the picture(You are free to put any value you want really, but do it at your own risk):

Now click on Launch Oracle JDeveloper 11g on Quickstart screen, choosing Default Role:

Step Four: Find and Install the Plugins
Now that you have the JDeveloper open, you´ll need to find and install the BPM and SOA plugins, to do that navigate on the upper menu: Help -> Check for Updates…
Click Next on the Welcome Screen:
On the Source Page, leave only Oracle Fusion Middleware Products selected and click on Next:
Now find and select:
For BPM Studio: Oracle BPM Studio 11g <CURRENT_VERSION>
For SOA Suite Studio: Oracle SOA Composite Editor <CURRENT_VERSION>
In the image below I am selecting both, I recommend this config if you are using BPM, since you will end up needing the SOA suite plugin once you start calling or exposing services.
Now wait for the download:
Once you´re done, click on Finish to continue:
JDev will ask to be restarted, be nice and let it do so:
Once it is restarted, choose the Default Role again and that´s it! You´re done!
Now here´s a test  suggestion:
On JDeveloper click on New Application:
I will choose generic application here so I can show you how to add the SOA and BPM features to the project, but you can choose SOA application or BPM application right from this screen:
On the next screen, at the Project Technologies Tab, select from the available window SOA and BPM, choose the Project Name and click Finish:
If you can see the Composite.xml window then Congrats! You´re all done! Now go do some coding!

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